Luke’s Story

Luke was diagnosed with cancer right after his 9th birthday.  He spent the next months of his life in the doctor’s offices and pediatric oncology floors of hospitals across Texas.  A couple of years before he had a young friend who had taken a similar journey and Luke knew what that world was like and so when he entered it on his own, he was determined to do it his way and on his terms.

Early on, Luke had an insight that led to a brilliant idea.  He flat out rejected the “normal” of a cancer patient – just because you had tubes, ports and poles, you needed to wear the typical hospital garb – the gown!  He said, “the gown makes me feel sick and I don’t want to feel sick.”  At that moment he decided there must be a better way.  And so he designed a shirt that let him feel like the world was little more normal, that gave him more freedom, and let him live his life with home that better things were right around the corner.  Thanks to some resourceful family and friends, a few prototypes of the idea were made.  It was a simple idea that captured the imagination of every kid and family who met Luke and his shirt.  Everyone asked, “where can I get one?” and “who makes them?”.

The result: Luke is now in the business of making shirts and pants for kids with cancer.  Clothes that make them feel better about themselves and about their circumstances.  And not just for kids because the truth is adults don’t like the gowns any more than kids.  They don’t want to feel sick either!  Luke Lange has come up with a game changing idea that will benefit cancer patients everywhere.  Spread the word and help Luke help others. 


The Product

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